TT 3D: Closer To The Edge

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  • Reviewed by Charis
  • Published on May 20th, 2011 at 2:29p.m.
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As far as my motorbike knowledge goes... I've kind of heard of Valentino Rossi... and have briefly heard about the TT... so being of the female species, and a reasonably girlie one at that, I was sceptical about how much I would enjoy TT3D.

I was so wrong! What followed was a nail-biting, stomach-churning, carefully crafted documentary which gripped for (almost) the whole two hours.

Following eccentric semi-pro biker Guy “lights are on but no ones home” Martin in the build up to the Annual Isle of Man competition, 'Closer To The Edge' explores what it is about the TT which makes people risk life and limb to become champion in one of the world's most dangerous and fatal sporting events.

From the first few seconds of the film, on board with one of the bikers setting off, the films' main attraction is its stunning camera work, conveying the speed, the skill and the danger involved in the race, which is raced at an astonishing speed of almost 200mph on the straights.

However, the film was not all about the action, with a strong human element to the offering providing the real strength of the story. Dealing with death and disability, the film's real highlight is its unflinching look at the danger involved with the sport, and the heart break it can ultimately bring.

It is hard to stomach when you see the inevitable- a biker crash- and hard for non-adrenaline-junkies to understand why riders put so much at stake. This is especially highlighted in conversations with the rider's wives and loved ones, and in interviews with one wife who lost her husband at a tender age, who was left to raise two kids alone.

What I got from the film was that competing in and succeeding at the sport was what these men and women were living for- and that they lived their lives with the full acceptance that what they were doing could lead to their deaths- and if their passion was to take their lives, they would die happy doing something they loved.

My only gripe with the film was that it kind of lost its pace three quarters in, once at the event, and lost some of the suspense and build up to the main action.

Never the less, I would still definitely without a doubt recommend this documentary to both lovers of motor sport and lovers of documentary film, the combination of action and heart in this film makes certain there is something for every cinema goer.

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