The King's Speech

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  • Reviewed by Charis
  • Published on January 12th, 2011 at 10:50a.m.
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What an absolute revelation. I'm not sure whether it'll be Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush or Helena Bonham Carter, but one of them atleast will be in line for an Oscar.

'The King's Speech' follows third-in-line for the throne Duke of York Prince Albert (Colin Firth) as he watches his father die and his brother infamously abdicate to find himself King of England and the greater empire. Plagued by a debilitating stammer, he frets over his future as a public figure.

In the age of the wireless and the Empire, royalty must become great orators and the future king has to try to overcome his speech impediment. Aided by plucky wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter), he tries several speech therapists, but only finds success with the Austrialian Logue, a wannabe actor with strange yet effective methods.

Heir-to-the-throne Bertie finds himself forced to be equal with the eloquent speech theraist, has to overcome severe pride, embarassment and the spectre of the bullying from his family which has resulted in the severity of the stammer. Logue's unorthodox methods prove to be effective and humourous, especially when it is found out that the use of expletives helps the stammer, a less than radio-friendly technique.

The film beautifully portrays the emerging friendship of the two leads, which has to overcome considerable snobbery and class boundaries, and the wounded pride of a man with so much to say who is unable to say it.

With tenderness and gentle humour in abounds, stunning cinematography and what will prove to be some of the finest performances of the year, The King's Speech is a beautiful tale of friendship and perceverance which will not fail to leave you moved, touched and awed.

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