Let Me In

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  • Published on December 7th, 2010 at 11:46a.m.
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With 2009's Swedish 'Let The Right One In' making such a lasting impression on all who saw it, its quite hard to review the 2010 American version 'Let Me In' without the ghost of it predecessor clouding one's judgment.

Set in a wintry Los Alamos, lonely 12 year old Owen is befriended by a young vampire, Abby, and all horror breaks loose as the pint sized vampire and her creepy guardian suck the blood out of half the population.

However, what made the book, the Swedish film and the American offering so distinct from the tweenage vamp cheesefests we have seen on screen lately (apart from it actually containing some horror) is the true tenderness of the youngster's relationship and the compete lack of traditional Hollywood sentimentality.

The film features some good performances from the young leads and some rather skillfully shot scenes, if a few shots borrowed from the Swedish version.

Cloverfield director Matt Reeves doesn't do a disservice the spirit of 'Let The Right One In', and if anything my only complaint is that it was too faithful to the original, only a diluted and slightly less subtle version.

Its stands up as a good film in its own right, so by all means if you get a chance go see it, but by the same token if you get the chance to see the original version, you won't be disappointed.

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